→   AV Installation


Audio Visual – Nick Azidis + Joli
Producer – Lucy & Nik Ennis / Loose Collective
Touring & Operations – Unique Attractions
Project Architect – Victoria Punturere
Microcontroller programming  – Spencer
Inflatables – Steve Howden
Music – Alex Albrecht



Joli developed many audio-visual works in this family-oriented immersive experience. Technical strategy, Creative development, light and interactive programming and production assistance. Working alongside renowned projectionist Nick Azidis and produced by Loose Collective, this initial temporary 2 month multi-installation has been extended many times beyond, Joli headed up several installations throughout it’s iterations. Designed to be the first touring of its kind.

‘Located in the heart of Melbourne is a new form of immersive play. An hour long walk-through experience where imagination and technology collide to create a visually stunning audio-visual play experience from the future.’

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