Light It Again

→   Music Video

Direction – Allysha Joy + Joli
1st AC – Will Hamilton-Coates
Production Assist – Sally Lillian
Set Assistant – Magnus Muir
Featuring – Cinta Ruggieri, Danika Smith, Freya Graf, Allysha Joy

“This film clip is an exploration into how society continues to place more value on womxn’s bodies than on their minds.”

“This fetishisation of our bodies simultaneously distorts and subdues our power, often othering us from experiencing an embodied relationship to our unique wholeness. In the most healing and intentional way I wanted to provide a window of insight into the impact that the objectification of womxn and the perpetuation of beauty standards has had on my life, while I continue to choose to nurture my intellect and power.

“There is no make-up, there is no branding, there is no intention to objectify or sexualise or monetise, as I wanted to capture an element of our collective and individual experiences on the journey of stripping back and unravelling the years of conditioning. I want to celebrate womxn for their intellect, their skills, their unique nature and their own authentic bodily expression.”