→   Art Installation / Performance



Khyaal Vocal Ensemble – Aarti Jadu / Aurora Darby / Mel Taylor / Siobhan Housden 
Artwork – Helen Gory 
Projection mapping, Animation + Programming – Joli.vision 
Videography – Max Hopkins + Joli 
Audio – Kieran Ruffles 
Video Editing – Adele Wilkes 
Costumes – Aarti Jadu

Premiered at White Night, 2019, ORLI is an exploration of sound, visual art and projection mapping which converge into a rich, immersive and electric performance experience.

Aarti Jadu, Helen Gory and Joli collaborated to produce ORLI, My Light, for White Night in Ballarat, September 21, 2019. Featuring Khyaal Ensemble and visual art by Helen Gory. This vocal ensemble is an intuitive expression of the naked voice. As four distinct voices converge into one rich soundscape, the artwork directly responds to the singers voices, moving in filmic, swirling and pulsating motion, projection mapped onto the 4 vocalists. Creating an ethereal, synaesthetic, enchanting and haunting experience.