Sweet Mellow D

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Timelapse, Videography, Direction – Joli
Props – Danika Smith

The intention for Sweet Mellow D was to capture Danika’s music bringing her home. Exploring the vulnerable and beautiful uncertainty when hearing Danika play, as well as incorporating concepts of superposition; multiple possibilities existing and collapsing, by blending many moments filmed from a single perspective. I wanted to maximise nature as a set piece; changing of tides, sun path, clouds and fluctuations of natural light to reflect the mood in the melody. After finding the right spot combining mountains, water and sky; Danika, Fela and I spent over 12 hours on this beach with ample snacks and introspective conversation fueling us. It was a real test for both director and subject, which wouldn’t have been achievable without Danika’s open mind and patience in realising the vision.